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Thematic Weddings/ Thematic Birthday parties

A wedding is big event unless one is a “runaway bride”. And events big or small need to be planned to make it grand and gala. Weddings are family events attended by near and dear ones who need to be attended and made to feel at home so that they can make the best of it and the event becomes memorable. Weddings are planned to be once in a life time and hence should be memorable as much as the marriage. Since the immediate family is expected to busy with the preparations and duties to be performed a wedding planner comes in handy

Indian Weddings is represented by a team of creative, enthusiastic, trained and experienced individuals to plan and execute your wedding. We strive to makes each wedding to be the talk of the town. Taking care of every detail of your wedding, you can be assured to relax and just look the best during your wedding. We plan weddings on a range of themes. EVINCE pay attention to the smallest detail when arranging your wedding. Itineraries are carefully planned to provide the level of activity that suits you best We take advantage of discounts not available to private parties and avoid costly mistakes.
So go ahead and help us plan your wedding and live the most beautiful moments of your life WITH EVINCE




Why Hire a wedding planner? (Evince)

The thought of planning a wedding can be very exhilarating, but it can without a doubt leave the couple confused with regards to many things. How much should we really be spending? How do we go about selecting the right wedding venue, décor and entertainment? In simple words, planning a wedding is much like making a movie or writing a book with many processes involved like scripting, editing, directing and producing. And, all this complete with minor details simply cannot be done just by the couple alone. Here’s where the wedding planner comes in to ensure that your special day flows smoothly, without a worry and filled with fun.

A good wedding planner (EVINCE) always has their contacts for vendors in place, and so you have one less thing to do. And, a good planner will also have experience at hand, so they’ll know the ropes and how to deal with last minute stressful situations.
With a wedding coordinator, you can be sure of hosting a beautiful function, one that your partner, you and your guests can enjoy to the fullest.

Evince - The Wedding Planners offers you a one-stop solution as an excellent wedding planning service in India that will take care of all the nuances involved in putting together a wedding




Wedding functions we offer you

Budget and funds

Assist the couple and family with the wedding budget creation and management.

Vendor management

We work with a panel of established vendors. We can schedule & attend vendor meetings, discuss event requirements, pricing and services, with you or on your behalf.

Wedding locations & venues

Assist and book venues and floor plans which would best suit your vision and budget.

Food, beverage and wedding cake

Consult and coordinate menu selection and tasting.

Wedding stationery

Design complete print material in sync with the wedding theme and design.

Design & decor

Conceptualize and coordinate themes, floral arrangements, Mandap and lighting after understanding the couple's vision


Book wedding DJs, live music,, Musicians, Music Bands, Dance troops, Item song dancers, artists and performers

Wedding photographer & videographer

Arrangements for photography and video to best suit budget and requirements.


Book choreographer and location for rehearsals

Favors and gifts

Source and package favors for guests


Organize on ground transportation for couple, family and out of town guests, as required.

Security and valet

Organize private security, chauffeurs and valet services
Coordinate all arrangements on the day of the event to ensure the perfect wedding
Pre and post wedding services as required
We can help you with as much or as little as you require, from the extensive list of services above. We offer a free consultation and plan weddings to suit every budget,

Know About Indian Wedding...